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Advantages of Having a Blast Freezer.

Food products require a lot of care. The food products should be stored with proper care. It is important that there is adequate cold storage for the food. All of the food businesses have refrigeration appliances to make sure that their food products are safe and fresh for use. The large food businesses need to have large stocks of food products at all times.

Food products can only be stored if there are heavy duty refrigeration appliances available. To make sure that the food products are kept fresh, they need to be stored at the temperature of +68 C and +8 C for as little time as possible. The decreased temperature will result in decreased growth of the bacteria. The food is spoiled by the growth of the microorganisms such as the bacteria.

Blast chillers:

The food products can be frozen and chilled by using the freezers or the blast chillers. The blast chilling is an excellent way of making sure that the food products are not kept at the room temperature. The blast chillers have the capacity to freeze the food products in a very short period of time.

These blast chillers have gained a lot of popularity over the years. They have become an essential part of the food business. The food waste can be decreased significantly with the help of blast freezers. These appliances are a very good choice for keeping the food in a clean and hygienic environment. The flavor and the freshness of the food products can be preserved with the help of the blast freezers.

Here are some of the benefits that can be achieved with the help of the blast freezers.

The hygienic factor:


The blast chillers provide a rapid reduction of the temperature. This rapid reduction of temperature prevents any reproduction of the microorganisms. All of the food products are perishable because they contain a certain amount of microorganisms in them. If the food products are stored at the wrong temperature, then the growth of the microorganisms continues and the food is spoiled in a little time. The shelf life of food products depends on the packaging of food products. If the food is stored without proper packaging it will not last long. It should be consumed within days. The blast chillers have the capacity to make the bacteria sterile.

Preserving the quality of food products:

The moisture level of the food products is preserved in the best way by rapid reduction of the temperature. With the rapid decrease in the temperature, about 85 5 of the moisture can be preserved. It also prevents the formation of the microcrystals that can be formed between the cells. The rapid decrease of the temperature helps the food products in maintaining its firm shape. The food does not lose any flavor or nutrition. It stays healthy, fresh and tasty for use. The blast freezers can also help in making the preparation of the meals easier. They can be prepared beforehand and stored in the blast chiller.

Helps in Planning:

There is no doubt about the advantages of the blast chiller in a commercial kitchen. These appliances can be of assistance during the flow of unpredictable orders. The service can be kept very smooth and efficient. It helps in planning and preparing the dishes ahead of time. You do not have to keep the customers waiting for a long time especially on busy days.

Other benefits:

The blast freezers have several other advantages. They play a very important role in making commercial kitchens efficient. They are effective in keeping the food products fresh and nutritious. The chillers can help in saving a lot of time and money. These chillers are very effective in reducing food wastage.

The blast chillers can reduce the temperature of the food products from +70 C to

+3 C in just about 90 minutes. They also have the capacity to store the food products at +0 C to +5 C. It means that it also can use as Fish Fridge.

There are so many useful features of the blast freezers. Some of them are as follows:

The soft chilling:

The feature of soft chilling is very suitable for the food outlets which have less than 20 mm thickness. It is also suitable for food places which have delicate food. During the cycle of these freezers the temperature of the chamber air does not go below 0 C and it stays at this level until the temperature at the core of the freezer has reached 3 C. If the products do not allow using the probe mode, then the chilling cycle which is 90 minutes maximum can be used.

The hard chilling:

This feature is very good for the food business which has more than 20 mm thickness or they prefer to have denser food products. In the first phase, the cycle of the blast chiller runs at its full capacity. As soon as the temperature of the chamber becomes -15 or -25 C, it remains at this level. The temperature is maintained by the core reaches the temperature of +10 C. The temperature of the chamber increases up to about +0 C. It is maintained until the core temperature reaches +3 C. as the cycle ends the program starts the storage phase and the appliance continues to run as the normal refrigerator.

Help in increasing the menu choice and service:

If the food business is using the blast chillers then they can prepare a lot of food products ahead of time.  It can help the food business in adding the dishes to the menu. It is also good for creating a more feasible menu for the customers.

Fulfilling the food safety standards:

The blast chillers are very good at fulfilling all of the food standards. It is perfectly safe to store the food products in the blast freezers. They can keep the food frozen and safe as well. There is no chance of contamination if the appliances are kept clean. The freezers should be maintained and cleaned regularly so that the food does not get contaminated.




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