Fully-automatic All-in-one Block Ice Machine (Direct system)

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of an enterprise. The technological innovation and product generation are essential for sustainable business. Following the hot sale of first generation direct system block ice machine, Focusun refrigeration made persistent efforts to launch the second generation of direct cooling block ice machine. It not only inherits the advantages of the first generation model, but also makes significant improvement in the practical range, daily production and power consumption. In 2002, we conceived and designed the first generation of direct cooling block ice machine, the original design idea is safe, convenient and simple to operate, without salt tank, manual work, using freon refrigeration. Because of its high safety performance, simple operation, labor-saving, and the block ice produced by this kind of machine is in line with food hygiene requirements, the direct system block ice m […]


Slurry ice machine is available now!

Focusun is dedicated in improving technology in refrigeration industry. For better serving all the clients and meeting their requirements, we here officially announce that slurry ice machine is among our products’ catalog. Characteristics of Slurry ice – Millons of Tiny Ice Crystals Slurry ice is “liquid” and provides rapid and efficient cooling by having full contact with seafood, meat and poultry products. Focusun Slurry Ice Machine maker slush, smooth ice that chills faster with no damage that could be cause by other types of ice. Slurry ice is natural and leaves no residue on products. The weight and quality is preserved and lose no market value. Operation of Focusun Slurry Ice Machine Slurry ice machine owns a big advantage that the liquid ice produced can be easily pumped where it is need, when it is needed. In the food processing industry, folklifts, totes and shovels are needed to stage ice. While for slurry ice machine, a […]

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