Nugget Ice Machine
Nugget Ice Machine

Nugget Ice Machine

Nugget ice machines produce small, soft morsels of ice as opposed to solid cubes. Nugget ice stays cool longer and is generally great for soft drinks and blended beverages.

Focusun provides softer and more chewable texture of ice with maximal cooling affect. The nugget ice is easy to chew, yet hard enough to be dispensed without hand-scooping; 83% of ice to water ratio. Daily ice making capacities ranges from 220 lbs to 2,400 lbs.

Outstanding Features of this Nugget ice machine:
- Modern, special design, suitable for high temperature
- Hygienic, clean ice in unique form.
- High productivity, easy to operate and energy saving.
- Compact set, easy to transport and install.
- Clear dry ice for ice packaging industry
- Stainless steel shell and condenser of water cooling units
- Structural aluminum framework
- Fully assembled electrical control panel with starters, programmable controller
- Stainless steel water sump, auger and discharging chute
- Ice dimension is 12*12*16mm
- Copeland semi hermetic discus compressors
Technical Data of Nugget ice machine:

Model Capacity Power Current Water Capacity Net Weight
FIN 220 220 lbs 390W 2.3A 4.2 L/H 78kg
FIN 290 290 lbs 480W 2.9A 5.8 L/H 80kg
FIN 780 780 lbs 1080W 4.9A 14.8 L/H 88kg
FIN1220 1220 lbs 1980W 6.9A 23.7 L/H 115kg
FIN1990 1990 lbs 3050W 11.8A 37.8 L/H 200kg
FIN2400 2400 lbs 3980W 13.8A 48 L/H 230kg
Please mail us your order with the capacity, including the temperature of the water in your area. Our professional engineers will get in touch with you in 2 working days.
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