Chinese new year’s vacation

Focusun wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!Our Spring Festival holiday is from 26th January to 2nd February. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to enquiry@focusun.com. Our salesman will contact you once they are back to work.


Compressor Checkup Tips

1. General inspection of the compressor. Check compressor shell, piping connections and mounting. To start, check the compressor for discoloration on the head and by the discharge line. This can indicate that the compressor is experiencing excessively high discharge temperatures. If you see blistered paint or a brownish tinge, make note of it. Observe the mounting grommets and make sure they are not split or missing chunks. Ensure the fastening bolts are all present and not loose. On tandem compressor arrangements, make sure the assembly is mounted as per the manufacturer’s requirements or excessive vibration can occur. Look for oil around the piping connections and below the compressor which can indicate a leak. 2. Electrical connections. Check the electrical connectors to ensure that they are tight with no free play. Loose connectors can cause poor voltage resulting in overheating of the connectors and motor. Look for discoloration of […]

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